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Hi there mate, I found your page on Strat Plus's very interesting to say the least. I have owned one since 1989 and have never bothered to look up the history of this awesome axe that I have owned for 20 years, how lazy..! Mine is black with RED/SILVER/BLUE Lace Sensors and serial #E466678, all stock and no mods. (I always loved how the serial number has "666" in it, a quirk from early heavy metal days). Anyway, thanks for making the info available, I have been inspired and have spent the last two days cleaning every inch of the guitar. I also gave it a fresh set of strings and I'm sure I actually heard it thank me during a blues run! Cheers Dave

Admin reply: Hi, Yours must be an early 1990 as Fender never started using the Blue, Silver, Red Laces on the DX models till then. Before that (1987-1990) the DX Plus' came with Silver. Silver, and Blue. You sure someone did not change out the pickup years back? :!thinking:

Added: September 13, 2009
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